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In hard times, comes hard decisions.

I have set from my couch saddened by the events going on in our world.  I have worried about my boys, my grandparents, family and friends.

While at Kroger, after one of the last days working at the shop for a while. I was desperate for milk, we were out and so was everyone else.  I knew a shipment and come in and this was my response to all the panic buying going on.  While shopping, I kept bumping carts in LITERALLY every isle with this women.  She was stunning while I was stressed, milkless & near tears.  It wasn’t until the 3rd time, I realized she had on a top from SWB.  I smiled, said “I like your top.”  She began “Let me tell you,” and went into this big excited explanation about this local boutique called Sweetwater and how she had just found it but how important it was to support local.  My favorite part was how beautiful and confident she felt in our clothes & her love for her community.

I left Kroger that day with milk and a huge smile.  She had no idea who I was, but loved the store and for that I am thankful.  We are closed as ordered, something I completely understand why they did.  But I know our town will be ok...because of the lady with the overflowing cart encouraging strangers to shop local❤️

I found milk that day and reassurance.

Both something I desperately needed in that moment.

Stay safe & be well.

We are all in this together.